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Best Screen Recording Software for Windows | Free & Paid

You may want to take screenshots in PC games or on the Windows desktop. In such cases, you need to use an external screen recorder, and the features of the program you use are the biggest factor for quality recording. So what are the best screen recorder apps for PC?

We may need to record the beautiful moves we make in games or sometimes just save screenshots on our computer for our work. Not only in these situations; We need screen recorder PC programs while making videos, wanting to share information on the screen, and many more. There are many paid or free programs for Windows.

Our first expectation from a good screen recorder program is that it is usually free. Even if most of the programs on the market are paid, they also allow for free use. Apart from that, additional features such as recording desktop sounds smoothly and recording webcam are expected. Finally, of course, it should record in Full HD. We have compiled the programs from mac with all these features.

In addition to being a video recorder free program, it is also a very good video editing program. It allows you to create interactive and dynamic videos. In addition, it also allows you to transfer the images you take from an external camera to the computer in HD. You can easily use this program in the classroom or at work. You can also export the videos you record and edit as 60 FPS.

The demo period of the paid version is only 30 days and registration for commercial purposes is prohibited during this period. We can say that this is the only disadvantage for the program. Apart from that, it is a program that should be used even for 30 days with its quality and endless features. If you buy the paid version, you can record or edit your videos from your mobile devices.

The best screen recorder programs for Windows:

  1. ScreenCast-O-Matic
  2. Icecream Screen Recorder
  3. Loom
  4. Apowersoft
  5. TinyTake
  6. Ezvid
  7. Bandicam
  8. Windows Game Bar1
  9. OBS

Completely free, iSpring Free Cam is a built-in video editor as an extra advantage. The video editor includes background noise reduction, cutting or deleting the video, and adding sound effects in addition. Videos are saved in WMV format. You can also upload your videos to YouTube from within the program.

There is no paid version of the program. The disadvantages that can be said are that there is no camera recording and it only records videos in WMV format. Apart from that, it is a must-have program on your computer if you frequently record screens with its practical and easy use.


ScreenCast-O-Matic allows you to upload your videos to YouTube and their own servers at the same time. With the free version, up to 15 minutes of video recording can be made. Apart from that, there are also a limited number of options that you can use while recording video. A program that can be used in emergency situations. It is especially popular for its fast and fast video streaming options.

Like any paid program with a free version, ScreenCast-O-Matic has some drawbacks. First of all, the free version includes a watermark. Apart from that, when upgrading to the paid version, there are also features to record computer audio and save your videos to Google Drive and DropBox. It is a more convenient program to use if you will only record short images.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a program that makes you happy with its features and usefulness, but upset with its free version. With the program, you can record any part you want on your screen. For example, you are in a Skype call and you just want to record your friend’s image; all you have to do is bring the recording frame to this area and shrink it.

Apart from that, it also has a screen capture feature. You can draw or zoom the image while recording. On the downside, the free version only records in WEBM format and the recording time is 10 minutes. When you buy it for $ 30, all video formats and all features of the program become active. Still, we can say that it is a program that delights in its features.


Loom is a screen recorder program that can run on Mac and iOS as well as Windows. So you don’t need to look for an extra iPhone (iOS) screen recorder to record screen on your Apple products. The only downside is that there are free and paid versions. The free version uploads your recorded videos to its site when you use it. However, you can download it whenever you want.

There is no live broadcast feature on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. It is only used for screen recording. However, it still has a live preview mode. It offers the possibility to record videos up to 1080p. You can record the screen and the webcam at the same time, or you can record either one as one. The paid version allows unlimited storage and access rights on


Apowersoft is a fully web-based online screen recorder. If you are using it for the first time, you only need to download a very small installation file for once. After installing, it is enough to go to the website and say Start Recording. Then a frame will appear on your screen and you can start recording by pressing the REC button on the task bar located here.

One of the best things about the program is that we can directly adjust the screen size. If you want, you can record in Full HD or in much lower resolutions. Apart from that, it is enough to press the button on the taskbar to record full screen. Obviously, it is a program we can recommend because of its extreme practical use and its free.


According to its producers, TinyTake is the best video recorder on the market, but it’s paid. Those who wish can use the free version for non-commercial use, but it has very limited features. You need to pay between $ 9 and $ 199 to unlock all its features. The compatibility of the program interface with mobile devices can be considered as an additional advantage.

In the free version, 5 minutes of video recording is possible and storage space is limited. When you switch to the paid version, the video recording time increases to 120 minutes. Apart from that, the storage area increases to 2 TB. As an extra feature, it also has advantages such as annotating videos and removing ads. While the free version works for short videos, check out other programs if you want more features.


Ezvid is also a free screen recorder program. We can say that the only negative aspect of the program is that it takes up much space. It can be especially troublesome for those who use only SSDs in their computers. Apart from that, it is very easy to use. You can start recording webcam and screen at the same time with a single button. You can also upload your recorded images to various platforms such as YouTube from within the program.

Ezvid producers claim that the program can also be used as a video editing program. The reason for this is the ability to play and edit with the video speed that other video recorder programs do not. However, you can still do just a few of what you can do with video editing programs. You will need an extra program for this.


Bandicam is a very popular program especially among those who record game footage. The free version has a watermark. However, it would not be wrong to say that it offers almost unlimited features after purchasing the paid version for 39 dollars. It is capable of real-time drawing, web cam recording, game recording and screen recording. Apart from that, you can even create a specific recording schedule to record your screen.

Windows Game Bar

The screen recorder program you are looking for might not be that far away. Moreover, there is no need to download an extra screen recorder when using the Windows Game Bar. You can activate this feature in Windows settings. It is recommended to turn it off frequently for performance improvement in games. If you haven’t closed it before, you can open the menu with the Windows + G combination.

With this built-in application, you can record your camera in addition to screen recording. Besides, you can record all the sounds such as the sounds of games and programs on your computer. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a built-in editor. You have to use an extra program for this. However, it is a software that must be in your mind to take screen recording in case of emergency.


OBS is a versatile program. We know this program mostly from Twitch streamers. Because it provides professional live broadcasting on Twitch, YouTube and many other broadcast platforms. In addition, it can be used as a screen recorder. We can say that it is at the top of the best and most popular screen recorder programs in terms of features. Also completely free.

In addition to screen recording, it has many features such as webcam recording, sound recording, putting additional banners on the screen, creating special scenes and capturing different windows. Extra adjustments can be made within the program to ensure the quality of the records. You can quickly find and watch your recordings with OBS from the folder you have determined before. Since it records in mp4 format, its size is also small.

This is the end of our list of the best screen recorder programs for Windows. Many of the apps on our list have free or paid versions. However, there is also a program that is completely free and can be used in terms of its features. Paid programs are also on the top list because they are quite good in certain areas and are preferred by many users. So which one would you prefer? Do not forget to mention it in the comments.

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