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How to strikethrough in google docs

Strikethrough google docs

We live in era of high technologies, but a lot of people still don’t know the meaning of strikethrough. Of course, we are aware of how the strikethrough does look like, but if we know how to use this great function. Almost all typing software like MS Word, WordPad, LibreOffice, and Google Docs have this feature, but people can’t understand its usefulness. 

So, I think everybody agrees that the most important thing about writing is editing. And strikethrough is an awesome option that allows you to cross out certain words while still leaving other words visible to the readers. Moreover, it’s a great way to combat uncertainty without deleting important parts of the text. Also it’s easy to find strikethrough, because it’s right next to the underline icon in Microsoft Word. 

When can you use strikethrough text?

Well, we don’t use Strikethrough text very often. But there are some cases where you’ll use it:

  • To replace the text – It can be primarily used if you publish the article or blog post on your website and you have to change some information. To avoid misunderstanding among the readers, it’s better to use strikethrough instead of deleting the original text 
  • Crossing off your to-do list – If you use a Google Docs document to keep a list of things that you need to do. You can just cross off the items in your to-do list instead of deleting them. It also gives you a possibility to see all completed tasks.

Using Keyboard Shortcut to Strikethrough in Google Docs

Would you like to become more advanced computer user and to work faster? Try to learn as many different keyboard shortcuts as you can. And right now, you have a chance to learn a keyboard shortcut to strikethrough in Google Docs. But, these shortcuts are different on Windows and Mac computers. So, let’s compare:

  •  Windows. For Windows PC we use the shortcut  ALT + SHIFT + 5. You can also click this shortcut before and after you type the text you want to strikethrough. In addition, you can type the text, highlight it and then use the shortcut.
  •  Mac. For Mac we use the shortcut COMMAND + SHIFT + X. We likewise can use this shortcut before and after typing the text or highlight the text and then use it.

If you understand that none of these shortcuts works, just check what the shortcut is. You can do it by clicking on ”Format” at the top of the page, hover your cursor over ”Text” and here, click on “Strikethrough” to strikethrough all the highlighted text. That’s it, now you’ll see a line drawn through all the text that you highlighted.

Using the Toolbar to Strikethrough in Google Docs

There is also another way to strikethrough in Google Docs. To utilize one of the most popular tools in Google Docs, follow the instructions below:

Step #1 – Log in your web browser to open the Google Docs file that contains text you want to strikethrough.

Step #2 – Highlight the parts of the text you would like to strikethrough using your cursor.

Step #3 – Choose the text and click on the “Format” from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Step #4 – Select “Text” option from the drop-down menu.

Step #5 – Then you should select “Strikethrough“ from another drop-down menu that appears to the right. 

Step #6 – Check that the formatting of your text was done.

As you notice this way is more difficult than using the keyboard shortcut. However, a lot of people prefer using the toolbar, and therefore they find out this method more appropriate.

Eventually, we strongly hope that you can use one the methods above to strikethrough in Google Docs.

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