Best Free Video Editing Software for Desktop

How often do you shoot the video and want to make it more excited? We are sure that a lot of famous vloggers use video editors of some kind. It doesn’t matter whether it is Instagram stories, Facebook ads, or YouTube videos, using the best video editing software will allow you to revive your brand and will add spice.

Well, when high-quality video editing software appeared, finding the best free video editing software became a difficult task, but we are ready to help you. Despite of fact that every user has its own different needs, our list will provide you with a great review of each editing software for videos and we will focus on their advantages.

So, let’s read, choose whatever you want, and do your video best.

1. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best free video editing app which is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux. Moreover, it has a lot of useful features. This app is easy to use and its drag-and-drop interface offers everything you need and gives you an opportunity to configure the interface to suit your needs. Besides, it provides its users with advanced features like unlimited layers, image and audio support, curve-based keyframe animations, 3D effects, and audio mixing. It also makes possible real-time previews while creating transitions between clips. It gives your audience the opportunity to watch not just videos, but real free movie apps.

2. Blender

Blender is one of the best free video editing software which is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which comes with a built-in video sequence editor. This app allows you to carry out not just basic tasks, but also complex ones. Blender will satisfy most of your video needs. Moreover, it has numerous features like video masking, color grading, live preview, chroma vectorscope,  luma waveform, audio mixing, waveform visualization, and histogram displays. Also, it has a feature of 3D animation that suits for professional users. Unfortunately, it does not have unlimited layers like OpenShot.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is another sophisticated free video editing software, which is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system platforms. Its pro version costs $25 a month, but the free one is more than sufficient. It is easy to start working with this tool because it is supplied with many video tutorials that will help you to figure out. Besides, it comes with all the standard and advanced video features.

Lightworks has the following features: high precision video trimming, , top packages for all kinds of video editing,  it supports all video formats, and allows for 720p video export to Youtube. But, the video support in 4K for YouTube is only available in Pro version of the software.

4. iMovie

iMovie is a brilliant video-editing tool which is available only for Mac and iOS users and can be also used on mobile devices. It’s one of the best programs for Mac users to learn how to edit a video. This app is easy enough to use and its drag-and-drop interface allows you to add titles, music, and effects to your videos. It has a lot of different features such as video trimming, audio editing, and 4K resolution support. Moreover, we would like to underline another fantastic feature that is the possibility to change the background location in your videos and place your characters where you want. As you notice, this software has quite limited features.

5. Avidemux

Avidemux is the simplest free video editing software, which is accessible on Linux, BSD, Mac, and  Windows. Moreover,  it supports  AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, ASF, and MP4 file formats. Also, Avidemux is a great discovery for novice users thanks to its simple interface and designed to manage small projects. Its principal functions include simple cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks. The main disadvantage of this tool is limited functionality that’s why it’s the last place in our rating.


What is video editing software?

Video editing software is a tool, which is used to cup, edit, modify or generating a video or movie file.

What video editing software is the best for novice users?

Avidemux, Openshot.

What video editing software is supported on Windows?

OpenShot, Blender, Lightworks, Avidemux.

All video editing software programs from our rating have amazing features and are free to use. Hope we make your choice easier.Find out more information about best video player for windows 10 here.

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