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Top 9 video players for windows 10 PC

Top 9 video players for windows 10

At present, watching movies becomes the most popular activity among people. Cinemas are always  a great choice for the majority. However, for some reasons to watch a movie in a cinema is not always comfortable. Sometimes, you just want to stay at home and watch a movie on your desktop or your laptop and it’s quite reasonable. If you want to watch a movie on your Windows-based computer, then you can use the default Windows Media Player.

Can’t you find the best video player for windows 10? No, biggie. We have prepared for you an overview of the best free video players that will compete among themselves in our rating. So, let’s take a glance at 9 free Video Players for your Windows 10.

1. VLC Player

VLC Player is quite old, but the most used media player with more than 26 million downloads, which appeared in 1996.Its smooth interface can be quickly configured for your preferences. VLC Player is a free and open-source media player, which supports multiple formats, subtitles and offers subtitle downloads. All these peculiarities made the VLC player the top of our list. 

2. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is the newest media player, which play Play 3D movies on Windows 10 just as easy as playing general HD movies. It is a simple, easily operated video player with an attractive user interface which will surprise you. I am in love with the number of features you get with the 5KPlayer, but it is well to bear in mind that if you use it for the first time, you may have some difficulties with the software, but it’s just a matter of time. 

3. PotPlayer

PotPlayer is one of the best video players for Windows 10, which comes for free and does not require significant resources. This video player offers plenty of customization options that allow you to set it up according to your needs. Also, it is a video player with a slew of 3D-centric features, which supports a lot of file formats.

4. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is one of the oldest video players for Windows, which was introduced in1995 as “RealAudio Player”. The main advantage of this video player is its convenient online video download function. Also, it offers convert the videos to the other formats and turn video files into MP3.

5. Plex

Plex is the new generation of video players for windows, which supports almost all advanced formats. Thanks to its easy-share nature the users can sort and filter the information. Also, it offers the users to cast the videos on the larger TV screen, because it’s Chromecast supported.  Moreover, the drawbacks of this app are the installation and setup process.

6. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is a completely free media player, which serves like a great alternative to Windows Media Player. It supports multiple formats and offers a wide range of extra functions such as speed control, screen capture, codec search function, different audio and video effects. Moreover, GOM Media Player has its own extensive subtitle library that allows users to search and download subtitles for their favourite movies and TV shows. 

7. DivX Player

DivX Player is the first media player that offers free HEVC playback, but, actually, it is optimized for playing video files in all modern and old formats. This player supports FF/RW, allowing  users to navigate between chapters and it provides the users with playlist organization. Furthermore, DivX Player can act like a streaming media player that allows you to transfer music, video, and photos to any DLNA-compatible device.

8. Media Player Classic

The Media Player Classic is a lightweight media player with built-in codec support, which looks like the older version of Windows Media Player. Also, this video player supports modern file formats, has customization options and it’s easy to use, so it can easily compete against the best video players for windows. But, the main disadvantage of this player is its downloading.

9. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is quite old one of the most feature-packed video players, which was first released in 2002. It is important to note two incredible things about this media player such as all the features are available in the free version and its inbuilt codec for Windows 10. Moreover, it is really simple, supports most popular video formats, including Ultra HD with 4K resolution and movies in 3D and offers editing subtitles right inside the player.

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